How to Win Money in Texas Hold’em Don’t Let The Rake Beat You

Why do online casinos make so much money? Because they make a profit from every single poker pot that is played – often millions of pots per month. The more games you play, the more the casinos make. Their profit from each pot is called the rake. The rake is a percentage or a flat fee that the casino charges you to play. No matter how good a poker player you are, the house has an edge on you. The rake is built in so that the house takes money from you in small, unnoticed amounts. There are a few guidelines you can go by to minimize this.
Some poker rooms will only rake the pot once it has reached a certain amount, so you want to play opposite the style of the table in these cases.
If the rake is a set percentage (usually 4% to 10%), the tactics for an aggressive player won’t be as successful as if the rate was a flat fee.
Every failed attempt at blind-stealing, for example, is going to be raked, and all bluffing is now 4%-10% less worth it.
You have to be a better player to overcome that percentage, and once you get to that point, you shouldn’t be too preoccupied with the rake. If you are a beginner, play tighter than usual.
Most online casinos charge a percentage of the winning pot.
Example: The winning pot is $125. The casino or the ‘house’ takes a minimum of $1 and 5% of the balance. Total rake is $7 or 5.6%. That leaves 94.4% for the winners.
Compare that to 60% on most lottery games. The less the rake is the more money you can win and the better your return on your investment.
The size of the pot and the betting limit can have a huge effect on your chances of winning.
Let’s apply the same rules to a game where the maximum bet is only 2$.
Example: The winning pot is $22. The reason for the lower pot is the low betting limit. Now let’s apply the same rake to the pot.
Minimum of $1 and 5% or $2.10. This doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s actually 9.5%. The amount left to the winners in this game is now 90.5%.
It may not seem like much, but the house can now pull from the table an entire pot every 10 games. That’s a pot you can’t win so your odds of winning are much lower.
The opposite of this effect is to play a very high maximum game –for example a $50 maximum bet. This could create a $1000 pot or more. Sure, the percentage will now be even lower, but can you afford to play these high stakes?
A rule of thumb is to have 100 times the maximum bet with you when you start the game. A $50 maximum bet would mean having $5000 with you when you start. A maximum bet of $5 would allow you to play for $500. Quite a difference.
For most players, a $1-2 maximum bet is too low. The rake just becomes too high as a percentage of each pot. The ideal game range is the $5-10 maximum bet range. This range will give you the best odds at winning and will not require that you mortgage your house to get into a game.
What happens if I start playing a $5-10 maximum bet game with only $100?
The problem is you may need several hands before you get the right cards to win. With too small a bank, you may run out of money before you get a betting hand. Years of experience have shown that the 100x rule works. Having more certainly won’t hurt.
The 50x is a minimum requirement to play to win.

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